Vallelado - Segovia - España

niña de vallelado..fijaros en la oreja en cada lado de la cabeza

Parapente en Vallelado....

 Ireland in Vallelado

As part of the European Directive 122.3 "Intermarriage of European Citizens and Distribution of Mortgage Debts between the Member States" I was sent on a mission to Vallelado 10 years ago.

As the famous spanish refrain states "You are not from where you're born, but from where you pay your mortgage" and I can proudly state I am spanish for the last 8 years and will proably be spanish for the next 25 years unless I win the lottery.

The most memorable moment on my mission of european union was this summer when Ireland equalised with spain by penalty in the 89th minute. For the following 30 minutes of extra time my carefully crafted spanish exterior dissappeared as Ireland gave the Spanish a run for their money. The final result permitted me to continue my long term mission in Vallelado whilst my spanish comrades knew that their victory had been a costly one (various injuries and one testicle...we wish Abeldo luck in his future career as soprano for the Spanish National Opera).

As part of my mission in Vallelado I have investigated the River, Pine Forest and Village Mountain for remnants of St. Brendans Hispanic settlement which we believe to be the key to unraveling his later excursions to the american continent, africa and pluto. I have found what appears to be the remains of "The Kerryman", varios bottles of a guinness like liquid and halucegenic fungii. However testing of the liquid and the mushrooms has proven inconclusive and it is vital that we find more of both in order to continue our investigations.


(aka: Agent Séamus Phroinnchais O'Súileabháin)

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